Ruxcon 2008

Photo: Peter Firminger

I’ll give a talk at Ruxcon this year (29th to 30th november 2008), called GPU Powered Malware. I’ll talk about how malware could eventually use GPGPU technologies (such as CUDA, Stream Computing and OpenCL) as an anti-reverse engineering technique. Thanks to the organizers for giving me this opportunity.

Sydney, here I come !


6 thoughts on “Ruxcon 2008

  1. Hey, I see you’re still pretending to do some work in order to travel abroad and do tourism. Things haven’t changed that much since Coetquiflan ;)

  2. If you happen to talk to Neil Archibald there, please drop him a pointer to our TAIC-PART 2008 paper ( Supporting Security Testers in Discovering Injection Flaws, Türpe,S; Poller,A; Repp,J; Trukenmüller,J; Bornmann,C). From the abstract of his talk I get the strong impression that we might be working on similar ideas.

  3. @Franmothe: No honestly, I’m working on stuff and er… come on, this is Sydney !

    @Sven: No problem, but it’s too bad you can’t make it to Sydney. Did I mention the conference was in Sydney ? :p

  4. Hi there !
    Something to read before flying to Sydney : The dead heart (Cul-de-sac in french)* by Douglas Kennedy. A quite good polar/thriller : a traveler picks up a young woman hitchhiker, and she takes him to a very strange town, from which he cannot leave… Mind the kangoroos and the australien bush ;-)
    * this book has nothing to do with computing issues ;p

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