Ruxcon08 Cover Up

Hi folks,

I just come back from Ruxcon08 in Sydney, a really nice security conference with lots of high-level talks, an excellent venue and super-duper ambiance. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on my presentation on GPU Powered Malware (slides here).

My personal highlights are:

Silvio Cesare, Security Applications for Emulation. A really good talk dealing in part with automated unpacking, tracing, dynamic taint analysis and symbolic execution. All of which are the next step in malware analysis (me thinks). Silvio also produced a quite amazing memory bug checker for the Linux kernel.

– Nishad Herath, Now you see it, now you don’t! – Obfuscation ’08 style… He introduced the new trends that we see in obfuscation (not malware-specific) like code fragmentation and instruction virtualisation. Too bad he was (intendedly ?) light on details on the use of abstract interpretation and trace analyses. Me wants more !

Though not related with what I do, I also enjoyed Browser Rider by Ben Mossé (you really have to see a Javascript tunnel between a rogue server and a browser in action to get the full flavour) and Intelligent Web Fuzzing by Mr and Mrs Archibald. Instrumenting PHP, MySQL and Bash with all that hooks looks definitely hairy ! Oh yeah and a special mention for Netscreen of the Dead by Graeme Neilson – this guy is getting Zombie-creepiness and gore to the next level.

Well see you next year I guess ;)



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