Deepsec slides and tool releases

Deepest apologies to Edward Hopper

I’m writing this from deepsec, where I just finished my talk [slides] about dynamic instrumentation. It was a wrap up of what I did last year with Pin (malware analysis, unpacking) and a Javascript deobfuscator I didn’t blog about.

Some of you might be happy to know that the tools are now available at Google code:

  • Crême Brûlée: Javascript deobfuscation using dynamic instrumentation
  • Tarte Tatin Tools: my set of pintools for tracing and unpacking (including an IDA Python script)

As you might guess, the tools are more prototypes than anything else, and I advise you to use them only if you feel really adventurous.


7 thoughts on “Deepsec slides and tool releases

  1. Thanks Dan!

    I was asking JB if you were going to make your slide available earlier! Anyway, I just wish you will blog more often, you definitely have something special to offer here compare to many of the other reversing related blogs, perhaps because I love reading theoretical or reversing concepts rather than “how to reverse xxx unpacker or how to use xxx tool to reverse xxx application” …Maybe because I am the kind of person who believe it’s much more important to learn the concept rather than the tool….

    1. Hey Zarul, thanks a lot for stopping by. Who is JB by the way?

      > it’s much more important to learn the concept rather than the tool…

      I couldn’t agree more!

      1. No problem dude~!

        I was talking about Jean Baptiste of Sogeti… I believe you know him ;-)

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