Better shellcode disassembly in Pym’s

Pym’s is an x86 disassembler packaged as a web application. It now includes a new feature, that I like to call “shellcode disassembly for really lazy dudes”. Just paste a C char* in the textbox and let the magic occur.

For instance, try with this shellcode (chosen completely arbitrarily), and you should get something like this:

[0x00000000] 	jmp near 0x0000001e
[0x00000002] 	pop edx
[0x00000003] 	mov esi edx
[0x00000005] 	mov eax [dx]
[0x00000007] 	cmp ax 0x7dca
[0x0000000b] 	jnz 0x00000013
[0x0000000d] 	add ax 0x303
[0x00000011] 	mov [dx] eax
[0x00000013] 	inc dl
[0x00000015] 	cmp eax 0x41414141
[0x0000001a] 	jnz 0x00000005
[0x0000001c] 	jmp esi
[0x0000001e] 	call 0x00000002
[0x00000023] 	xor edx edx
[0x00000025] 	push 0xb
[0x00000027] 	pop eax
[0x00000028] 	cdq
[0x00000029] 	push edx
[0x0000002a] 	push 0x68732f2f
[0x0000002f] 	push 0x6e69622f
[0x00000034] 	mov ebx esp
[0x00000036] 	push edx
[0x00000037] 	push ebx
[0x00000038] 	mov ecx esp
[0x0000003a] 	retf 0x417d

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