Headin’ Out Californee Way

Well, I have not been very active on this blog lately. Since my last post I got married, defended my PhD (in front of a superlatively awesome committee, really) and left the snowy plains of Lorraine for California, among other things. I started my new job as a research staff member in Dawn Song‘s group in Berkeley, so I will probably keep complaining about malware, vulnerabilities, the price of housing and pretty much everything else on this blog.

Also, I might actually start training to become a cage fighter and learn emacs — not sure which one is less painful.


5 thoughts on “Headin’ Out Californee Way

  1. Emacs? I still cannot believe you’re turning to the bright side of the force. I have chosen the dark one ;)

    Always a pleasure to read you.
    Good luck for your job, your family and all!

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