• Tarte Tatin Tools – a set of tools for malware analysis (unpacking, system call tracing, anti-anti-debugging and anti-anti-virtualization) based on Pin.
  • Crême Brûlée – an experimental Javascript deobfuscation engine using dynamic translation.
  • Pym’s – a web-based x86 disassembler developed by Matthieu Kaczmarek (I contributed bug fixes and code cleanup).
  • Mr. Waffles – a pure Python CTL model checker.
  • Paimei – This is a binary analysis framework written in Python and developed by Pedram Amini. I integrated GraphML support into it, and submitted the result as a patch. The patch has not been merged yet, so if anybody is interested in GraphML rendering of the control-flow-graph of executables, contact me.
  • Jasmin – I contributed important parts of code to the de-facto standard Java assembler. The syntax and new features I introduced in Jasmin are now integrated into IDA Pro.
  • Tinapoc – a toolkit I developed integrating a zip file assembler/disassembler, and a Java class file disassembler (compatible with the latest Jasmin changes I introduced).

Bug reports:


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